Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yet ANOTHER use for Baking Soda

So y'all know that baking soda is like the "all-purpose-everything", right? It's an amazing scouring powder for grimy sinks,
 you can use it in place of shampoo, adding a teaspoon to spaghetti sauce will cut the acidity, etc.,etc. It's a wonder-product. I love it and use it for about everything.

Well Dr. Mercola has revealed yet another use for baking soda. It's quite astounding. How can such a simple product from the grocery store do so many things?

Let alone CURE CANCER????

Check it out, folks!


Bonnie Faber said...

Hey, thanks for the fun blog comment! It made me happy. ;D

I will reply to your questions (and other comments) in a later post, I hope. =D

So you are a music teacher? That makes me happy too - if you're a good one at least! Lol! =D

The Milkmaid said...

Thanks for your comment, Bonnie! ;-)

Yes, I am a music teacher. I am a homeschool graduate and now I teach. I have 15 students, mostly violin but a few piano. Two of the students come to my house, two of them I do at a studio at my friend's music store, and the rest of them I teach in their homes. Sounds crazy, but that's what works for me right now! ;-)

I also am learning some violin repair with my friend at his music store, too! He is retiring and wants to train me in that so I can "inherit" that portion of his business. It's so awesome! :-)

How about you, do you teach?