Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Traditional Foods Primer

If you're new to nutritious kitchen ingredients and methods, The Nourished Kitchen is beginning a series called the Traditional Foods Primer. Every Monday she will dive into an aspect of nourishing traditional food preparation, such as Wholesome Fats; Sprouting, Soaking, and Souring Grains; Lactic-Acid Fermentation; Raw Dairy; Grass-finished, Wild , and Pastured Meats; and Natural Sweeteners.

I'm excited ~ I've gained insight on most of this through various books, blogs, and seminars, but it will be cool to have it all together in one place.

Check out her first installment in the Natural Sweeteners category, called "Modern Sweeteners: What They Are and What They Do".

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Jenny said...

Thanks for the link-through! I hope it'll be a good series.