Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Savings at Pfaltzgraff

Our local Pfaltzgraff got twenty more pallets in yesterday, and when I was there this morning a truck arrived with 22 more pallets! :-) I'm happy! LOL

This morning I snagged a few more really good deals! I'm all set on flatware now, and I thought these "souffle dishes" would be very practical and nice. They're stoneware so I can bake things in them, but they are elegant so I can serve in them and the metal carrier adds a pretty touch and eliminates any need for a hot-trivet on the table.

Also pictured is a colander that I bought a few days ago and a serving bowl I got last week. Neither of them made it into the last picture. ;-)

Here's the price breakdown, as best as I can remember it:

Flatware for 16 plus serving utensils: $36.00
Two "Souffle dishes": $5.38 each
Serving bowl: $5.00
Colander: $7.50 (my friend Selah and I both had our eyes on these colanders for quite awhile, waiting for the price to go down. I mean, it was only 60% off folks! What a rip off! But they never slashed the price down farther so we eventually gave in and spent a whole $7.50 for it.)

Here's a picture of my latest purchases:

And a close-up of the flatware:

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