Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movie Review: King Corn

Join two college graduates as they go on a journey to discover what they are eating.

A visit to a hair analysis laboratory reveals that their hair is "made of corn". Thus begins the quest to find out why everything they eat contains corn.

Follow the guys as they move to Iowa and farm one acre of corn. Learn along side of them as they plow, plant, spray, and harvest. Watch them as they attempt to make corn syrup in their own kitchen after being refused a tour of a corn syrup factory. Find out why the Liberty Link corn they grew wasn't even edible eaten fresh out of the field.

Where will the corn go once it's harvested? The boys travel around the US visiting farms and processing plants to become informed about what happens to the corn once it is harvested out of the field. Will their corn be fed to cattle that are being fattened up for slaughtering in a massive feedlot? Will the starch be removed and used in baked goods? How about the corn being converted to corn syrup and used in virtually every pre-packaged item sold in a convenience store?

Watch this highly informative and enjoyable film and you'll learn what modern farming methods are doing to our food, and why we really are what we eat.

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